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TP, the biggest natural gas producer of Turkey made the first natural gas discovery in 1970 in Kumrular and Hamitabat fields and the first commercial sale of natural gas was carried out in 1976.

While TP is carrying out the Natural Gas Production activities according to the   “Petroleum Law number 6326” ( 6326 sayılı Petrol Kanununa ) , our company is marketing the produced gas within the scope of  Natural Gas Market Law number 4646 (4646 sayılı Doğalgaz Piyasası Kanunu)  with the Wholesale License given by Energy Market Regulatory Authority in May 23, 2003 with the number of DTS/148-18/022, to the wholesale companies, distribution companies and eligible consumers.

Eligible consumers’ demands coming from the natural gas production regions where they can receive gas through a connecting line from our main pipeline evaluated according to the existing supply-demand equilibrium and responded after the approval of Energy Market Regulatory Authority. Natural gas produced in the marginal regions away from the main pipeline is sold to the gas distribution companies as in the format of CNG.

To find the Natural Gas Sale Price Tariff applied to the eligible consumers signed a natural gas sales agreement with TP, please click the link below