Domestic Oil Production

In 2014, TP produced 12.3 million barrels of crude oil from its fields, which constituted 72% of the total crude oil production of Turkey. 73% of our total oil production is from Batman Region, 26% is from Adıyaman Region and 1% is from Thrace Region. The planned production for 2014 was realized as 99.1%. The average daily production for 2014 is 33,602 barrel/day.

We have continued our domestic reserve development and production activities in 2014. Production problems in heavy reservoir require special technical applications. To prevent the decline in production and to evaluate the current production potential, several reservoir studies were performed.

Domestic Natural Gas Production

In 2014, our total natural gas production was 251.8 million sm³. 95.8% of this gas production is from Thrace Region, 4.2% is from Batman Region and 0.2% is from Adıyaman Region. The oil equivalent of the gas output is 1.8 million barrels. The planned production of natural gas for 2014 was realized as 87%.