In-Country (Domestic) Crude Oil Production

In 2017, crude oil production has realized as 12.331.243 bbl which is 101% of the planned production amount of the year, 12.269.025 bbl.  75% of crude oil has been produced from Batman District whereas 24% from Adıyaman District and 1% from Trakya District. Average daily oil production of 2017 has realized as 33.784 bbl/day.


Reservoir development and production operations have been kept to be conducted in 2017. Production challenges in heavy oil producing fields requires special techniques to be implemented. For this reason, various reservoir studies were carried out and new wells were drilled to prevent the production depletion and appraise the existing potential.


In-Country (Domestic) Natural Gas Production

In 2017, natural gas production has realized as 266.919.600 sm3 which is 3,1% more than the planned gas production amount of the year, 258.987.000 sm3.  %90.9  of total gas production has been produced from Trakya District whereas 5,3% from Adıyaman District and 3,8% from Trakya District.

Total gas production of 2017 corresponds to 1.625.200 bbl oil equivalent and when this amount added to the crude oil production of 2017, total hydrocarbon production of 2017 corresponds to 13.956.443 bbl oil equivalent.

In order to maximize the use of existing potential, production has been increased by performing various operations (as perforation, nitrogen lifting etc.) and drilling new wells.