TP’s aim is to meet all Türkiye’s hydrocarbon demand in near future with increasing national production and also an increasing share of its production outside Türkiye. To succeed in developing our national and international positions, we must beat the competition from the world class oil and gas companies. To achieve this target, TP’s Strategic Direction; 

Growth by; 

• Enlarging its international portfolio and gaining a leading player role especially in the nearby geography,

• Discovering hydrocarbon potential of the country,

• Increasing offshore investments,

• Establishing consortia with the giant companies, sharing risks, transferring know-how and technology. 

Efficiency by; 

• Measuring and improving the company efficiency in the operational perspective with its performance criteria as determined in the Corporation’s Score Card,

• Giving priority to technological innovation.

Integration by; 

• Being effective player in CNG, pipeline and natural gas storage,

• Carrying out renewable energy projects and looking for cooperations in this regard,

• Offering technical services supplied by Exploration, Production, Drilling, Well Completion Departments and Research Center.

Employee development by;

• Achieving highly motivated experts and learning individuals who desire to reach company goals through professional training,

• Integrating new personnel swiftly and efficiently.