Various sport tournaments have been arranged in order to increase motivation among employees working at General Directorate and District Managements. TP has continued to give financial and moral supports to the Batman Petrolspor. On the other hand,  TP put its signature under important succesess in the field of sport.

Batman Petrolspor was founded in 1960 with several branches including athletics, basketball, football, swimming, volleyball, and wrestling. The club played amateur football in the Diyarbakır regional leagues until 1986 when they won promotion to the 3. Lig. The club won promotion to the 2. Lig soon after and competed in the division for several years. At the time, Batman Petrolspor were still competing in the amateur leagues. Also, Batman Petrolspor has Wrestling World Championships in Turkey in the branchof wrestling.

In addition to the TP's ongoing contribution to sports activities, a protocol regarding the City Stadiumand Sports Hall of Batman was signed at the ceremony on April 28, 2011.