All corporations need a qualified staff, who can help in reaching the Corporation’s goals and objectives. Objectives of training and development activities is to equip staff with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to contribute to the targets of the corporation. Training programs have been accelerated for the staff to monitor the rapidly changing knowledge and developing technology.

TP conducts systematic and planned training programs regarding General Safety Rules, Fire Safety, First Aid, Basic Off-Shore Safety Induction and Emergency Trainings in order to achieve beter occupational health and safety conditions at work sites.

Besides, within the context of domestic and international training, “Applied IWCF Well Control Course” for engineers, technicians and other technical staff from domestic and international companies arranged by “Well Control Education Center”.

Contribution to Education…

Since its foundation, TP makes an important contribution to the economy, and also provides support to social responsibility projects. The Atatürk Primary School and Middle School was constructed in 1965 with TP’s contributions within the boundaries of the Batman District Management. In 1990’s, "TED Batman College" initiated to educate the local people that would be trained in a predominantly english. TP's contribution to education is still continuing successfully. In the same way, TP supported to education within the context of construction of a faculty at the University of Batman in 2008 and also, for the construction of a new school in 2010. 

On the other hand, in the province of Adıyaman, a protocol regarding girl student dormitory with a capacity of sheltering 400 people was signed under responsibility of the General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution in 2009. TP has continued her assistances to village schools in the form of books, sporting equipments, other assistances as a social purpose in the region. 

In addition, TP has continued her asphalt assistances to the Regional Directorate Municipalities, Adıyaman University, and also the Regional Directorate of State Highways in order to construct asphalt roads in the region.