BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT > Farm-Out in the Black Sea


Partnership meetings with Shell for a part of No: AR/TPO/3920 license (Black Sea) initiated in 2012 and it has been reached an agreement. It was inured with Cabinet Decree. As required in the agreement, 1.540 km2 3D and 190 km 2D seismic acquired with Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa seismic ship. Process of a variety of data, produced through process activities of CGG Oslo office, was completed in 2014. Likewise reprocess activities of Limanköy and Boğaziçi 3D seismic data and 13 territorial seismic lines which is 1.500 km in length, initiated in ION-GXT London office. It is also completed in 2014. Following these territorial and areal interpretation, one exploration well was decided to be drilled in deep down of the license. Noble Globetrotter II drill ship entered in Beşiktaş Harbour in Yalova and the well in the ship is being demounted.