Basic Environmental Projects regarding environmental issues have been conducted in order to inherit a clear atmosphere, clean water and a clean environment to the next generations. 

In District Managements, rehabilitation activities have been performed in order to eliminate or mitigate the land pollution. Achievement in 2010 is higher compare to 2009. The success percentages in Districts are 96% for Batman and 81% for Adıyaman. Environmental Protection Procedures were prepared in order to increase the efficiency of Environmental Management System. Complying with environmental legislation, bioremidation, stabilization and neutralization acitivities and mud-pit rehabilitations in drilling sites were conducted to prevent environmental contamination resulting from field activities.

Environmental Protection Projects carried out by TP throughout 2010;

  • Emergency Intervention Planning Activities
  • Waste Water Management Project (TUBITAK-KAMAG Project)
  • Drilling Waste Water Management Project
  • Comparative Application Project of Bioremidation Products
  • Recycling Waste Oil by Mixing it into Crude Oil
  • Waste Water Disposal Management
  • The Use of Consumable Environmental Materials and Equipments
  • Western Black Sea Off-Shore Project,
  • Deep Water Off-Shore Drilling Projects;
  • Management Studies on Waste Water resulted from Off-Shore Gas Production.