"Turkish Petroleum Corporation has become a leader in its sector while implementing all activities in the field of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HSE) with an approach of human life to be its priority by using technological improvements and making projects regarding environmental protection."

Our objective is to put a rising performance into practice in the field of HSE with the active participation of our staff.

Our HSE Policy

• Create all safety conditions in all work sites by attaching great importance to human health.

• Minimize the negative effects of our activities on environment.

• Conduct regular trainings to prevent accidents and to improve HSE consciousness.

• Apply effective risk management by defining dangerous situations and acts regarding Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection.

• Prepare an Emergency Response Plan.

• Fulfill all necessities regarding Waste Management in collecting, identifying, decomposing and transporting.

Following the main policy regarding objectives and targets, all staff should be trained in order to catch the required consciousness and to ensure their participation.

"Our most significant values are to leave a clean environment to our employees, to create a healthy and secure working environment."