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 TP, having a dynamic Human Resources System, believes that success can only be achieved through highly motivated, expert individuals. TP continues its studies to create a dynamic Human Resources System within the context of Corporate Resource Management. TP uses competence based interview techniques to measure the employee candidates’ ability to communicate, research, discernment work under stressful situations, along with their responsibility consciousness and openness for improvement.

With its staff’s great endevaour, dedication and a rooted company culture, TP has been conducting its activities for 57 years with its worldwide technological infrastructure and qualified manpower that represented our corporation successfully in international projects. TP continuously invests in human resources development in line with its vision to become regionally effective world-class energy company meeting Türkiye’s oil and natural gas demand and to be the most desired company to work with.

Interview process of 1,170 employee candidates was completed in General Directorate and District Managements within the context of Work Analysis Project which will provide the integration of modern Human Resources functions to the existing structure.

Information under the headings below was collected:

  • Role and Authorization,
  • Responsibilities,
  • Work Requirements,
  • Competency,
  • Working Terms.