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In terms of energy planning of countries, having a natural gas storage facility is crucial for energy strategy in order to balance the supply-demand equilibrium in case of a possible supply limitation caused by pipeline maintenance or other reasons. By taking the necessity of a natural gas storage facility into consideration for the wealth and development of our country, Turkish Petroleum contributed the first and the only natural gas storage facility “Kuzey Marmara and Değirmenköy Underground Natural Gas Storage Facilities” to the economy. It is a first for Turkey and additional facility productions are now brought to Turkey’s agenda in order to increase the supply security.

Kuzey Marmara and Değirmenköy Underground Natural Gas Storage Facilities were commissioned in 2007. It had 1.6 billion sm³ capacity and this was increased to 2.66 billion sm³ in 2010. The project was planned in 3 phases. The investments planned within the first phase were completed and pipeline was commissioned.

With the completion of Değirmenköy and Surroundings Natural Gas Storage Project (Phase II) and Kuzey Marmara Natural Gas Project (Phase III), it is planned that, total capacity will reach to 4.29 billion m³, daily withdrawal capacity will reach to 75 million m³ and injection capacity will reach to 40 million sm³/day