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Batı Raman Field

In the context of Batı Raman Enhanced Oil Recovery Project held since 1986, 12,750 MMscf gas was injected (92% CO2) and 10,637 MMscf gas was withdrawn in 2014. In order to benefit from the produced gas 10,252 MMscf of gas was injected to the reservoirs via the recycle system in 3TP2 and AP2 stations.

2,996.5 MMscf gas was produced from Dodan Field and 2,556 MMscf CO2 gas was injected Dodan-Batı Raman pipeline in 2014. By the end of 2014, total gas production from Dodan Field is 274,739.9 MMscf and total CO2 injected to the pipeline is 247,616.1 MMscf.

By the end of 2014 the total gas injected to the reservoir is 396,509.53 MMscf. Withdrawn gas is 287,928.92 MMscf and the recycled gas is 149,306.80 MMscf. Till the end of 2014 the total production from the field is 114,247,254 barrels of oil. 78,278,033 of this amount is the additionally produced oil due to the project.

2014 production is 2,792,486 barrels. The rate of the gas produced with the oil is 3,809.4 scf /barrel. The gas amount injected to produce one barrel of oil is 4,565.9 scf.

To check water/gas discharge from the wells, 22,253 barrels of polymer-gel injected in 11 production wells.

Water injection enhanced with NaOH continued in 4 wells in order to increase water injection efficiency. 62,967 barrels of water with chemical additives were injected. In addition to this 20 well drillings were completed throughout the year.