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Well Completion Services

Well completion services have being provided in Turkey and abroad by TP. Workover, cementing, acidizing, DST, logging and perforating operations have been conducted in oil, natural gas and geothermal wells by following high standards.

Workover Operations

68 completion, 177 recompletion and 6,085 workover jobs were performed by utilizing 16 workover rigs and 7 rodpuller rigs in 2013.

Log Operations

Totally 772 logging and perforating jobs were accomplished in 2013; as well as 34 checkshot/VSP operations.

Technical Operations


In 2013, 551 cementing operations (in which 12,320 tons of cement used), 290 acidizing operations (845,000 gallons of acid used) and 149 DST operations were performed.