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2014 workover activities were carried out with 16 workover and 7 rodpuller wells, 23 wells in total. Well completion in 111 wells, re-completion in 154 wells, malfunction recovery in 5,792 wells were completed in 2014.

365 open hole and 483 cased hole lop operations were realized with 10 digital log lorries, 1 analog log lorry and 4 digital skid units.

397 cementing operations in drilling wells and 283 in workover wells were performed with 13 pumping units. 15,626 ton cement was used in cementing operations. 309 acidizing operation were performed with 13 pumping units. 752,700 gallon of acid was pumped to wells in different concentrations. 144 DST operations were performed in exploration wells with 10 test units.

In addition to this, service given to Tiway Oil, Amity Oil and NVT Perenco for the joint wells for 7,912,049 USD. Also service given to TPIC for 5,968,104 USD and Çalık Enerji, GYP, İpek Enerji, Shell and Aladdin Middle East for 920,042 USD. Log, technical operations and workover services given for 14,800,195 USD in total.