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Seismic Data Acquisition

“Seismic data acquisition” has been carried out by our Corporate with three Seismic Crews. Seismic Crew-1 and Seismic Crew-3 are operating with “Vibroseis” method. They have been operating in 3D seismic data acquisitions with Sercel-428 XL type recorder and they have 12 receiver lines, 120 receiver channels, totally 1,440 active recorder channel system and 2,500 channel capacity.

Seismic Crew-2 is operating with “Dynamite” as an explosive energy source. In addition to 2D seismic data acquisitions, it has 12 receiver lines, 120 receiver channels, 1,440 active recorder channel system and totally 2,000 channel capacity for 3D acquisitions. Sercel-408 UL type recorder is being used by Seismic Crew-2. In topographic surveys, Leica GPS1200 system is being used by all crews and required data quality control and preplanning studies are carried out by EGHAS software. To increase the production rate, quality control procedures have been applied in all phases. Furthermore, seismic field design, topographic quality control, recorder quality control and static analyses have been applied while performing Seismic Data Acquisition Services.

Seismic Vessel

The vessel purchased by our Corporation in 2012 was built in Drydocks World Dubai yard. It is 84.2 meters in length and its maximum speed is 17 knots. Vessel realizes its seismic researches with Bolt 1500-LL/1900-LLXT dual sources seismic source system and 8 units of 8x5,400 meter streamer.